False 498a, I am in abroad

Dear Sir, I am a victim of 498a. I am Ravi from Andhra Pradesh and i live abroad a victim of 498a and my whole family devastated with the situation. I got married in March 2013 and my wife joined me in abroad after one year in 2014 and there's no intimidation between us as she not allowed me, After she arrived abroad and after couple of days i came to know that she is not normal and also she didn't like to stay with me . She use to fight for petty things and creates a big scene for everything she gt pregnant and started telling me that she wants to go home that she missing her family and that she could not manage the things herself , even though i provided her all facilities of phone , internet, food and everything she asked for, She stayed only 4 months in abroad with me. After she reached India in a week time she started fighting with me again and started threatening me that she will file a case on me if i don't do things as she says. . In 2015 I tried to settle the issue with her family members and with outsiders in peaceful manner. But she refused to listen to anyone. Now she filed a 498a against me and my family with following points. 1.. Complained that i am having affairs with girls in abroad . 2. Complained that i mentally and physically harassed her in abroad every day 3. Complained that she came to our house with 400gms of gold ornaments which is a lie. 4.Complained that i didn't give her proper food, beat her everyday and asked to bring money from her parents in abroad 5. Complained that i even didn't give a phone to talk to anyone in abroad, which is a lie that i can prove with call records from service providers. 4. Complained that my family members , mother father, sisters , brothers , brother-in-laws harassed her mentally when she stayed at our house in India for a week. All these are false allegations and all their relatives and our relatives know about it. We decided to fight with the case. My parents applied for Anticipatory bail for them to be secured and get away from arrests. I don't want to leave my Job here in abroad. and spoil my career for the false allegations. 1. What must i do to be secured in abroad. Will the police issue an arrest on me in abroad. 2. How many days will it take for the police to issue a Arrest warrant against me. 3. Can i ignore the arrest warrant and do my job as i am not willing to come India anytime soon. 4. What must i do legally if I don't want to come India for now 5. Can i hire a Lawyer in India and he will fight the case in court on behalf of me without my appearance in the court. I heard as per from 2014 there's an amendment for 498a, Mother-in-law Father-in-law , sister-in-law,brother-in-laws should not be arrested in 498a case.