Withdrawal from the Case by Advocate

I had engaged an Advocate to fight my Wife's case. The Advocate is a seasoned 65+ person exclusively practicing in Industrial and Labour Courts. He told me his fees for the case till final disposal which I paid by cheque. Even after four years nothing happened in the case, he could not even get her salary for the period statusquo was ordered by the Court, her leave salary and LTA. After six months into the case my wife started telling me that the Advocate is not focused in our case and he is siding with the Management. The management had submitted to the Court what they are ready to give for a settlement. However a copy of the same was not made available to my wife. The Managerment told my wife to get a copy from their Advocate. One day when she demanded that from the management Advocate, he did not give and there was some argument in the building premises. That Advocate wrote a complaint to the Judge against my wife stating that she shouted at him and abused him etc.etc. which ofcourse was not the case. A copy of the complaint was handed over to our Advocate. He wrote a letter to my wife stating that incident and attaching a copy of the complaint. He wrote to the Judge with copy to us withdrawing from the case in which he says that he has to support his fellow Advocate! The reasons stated are my wife's alleged misbehaviour with the Management's advocate, his advanced age and that he is not keeping well suffering from BP, diabetes etc. However, he continues to represent his other Clients in the Court and he is also taking up fresh cases. This Advocate has not even offered to return the fees collected in advance! What he has done is professional misconduct. Please advise the options available to me in the matter.