Action on son harrasing old mother 7 father

Hi, in my family we were 3 brothers, elder one is no more, myself 2nd one, and another younger brother is there. my family [mom- dad] are staying in self owned house along with them my widowed elder sister in law her daughter, my younger brother, his wife and his son are residing. my elder sister in law is working on adhoc basis in some state govt institute and taking care of her daughter. i'm not residing with them and my family [my wife and son] staying in away from that city due to my job nature [always on project site]. this is related to younger brother, he is/was [not clear] in job with a govt organization, his behavior is always rude and try to dominate every body who ever there in family residing in that home. since last around one year he is not going on job. since few months suddenly things started disappearing like money, jewellery etc. recently again jewellery of around of 1 lakhs again missed from locked almirah, i have doubt on my younger brother since he is not going job and don't have any source of money he might be doing all these to survive his lavish life style of daily drinking and other necessary expenses. he also abuse my mom-dad lot many times, also quarrel with my elder sister in law and abuse all of them while quarreling by un social words. i tried to convince my mom-dad to kick him out from the house one year back but my effort gone in vain. this time when they again complaint bout the missing jewellery i again asked them the same thing and gave time to think over it. pls suggest what course of action we need to take in order to teach him a lesson and also i don't want to damage any of other family members life specially my younger sister in law and his 5 year old son. also my worried bout the public security for my other family members he is now heading towards the situation where he can even harm any of my family people. pls suggest so that i can proceed a proper action to make my parents life peaceful. points to be considered; 1. my mom dad not ready to shift from the home. 2. my younger brother doesn't hear anything from anyone, he think he is the smartest in this world. 3. my elder sister in law prefer to stay with my family home in order to give a proper social surrounding and a gurdianship of my mom-dad being a working mother. 4. my wife don't want to shift to that home without me due to all these drama's.