Divorce-Fraud & Desertion

I got married to my husband in 2011. He is a NRI working in Germany. It was an arranged marriage. His parents approached my family after seeing my matrimonial ad in newspaper. We were told that he would take me to Germany within 6 months after marriage. He was in India only for 2 weeks after marriage and his attitude towards me was like a stranger. He hided all his german contact details from me. Till now I don't know his german official and residential address and phone number.Later on one day I accidently discovered that he was a divorcee. His entire family had hidden this fact from me. I maintained silence as I know my parents will break down if they come to know about it. Throughout that year he rarely called me and even if he calls he fights with me and says you are not up to my standard. I was shattered and whenever he uses the word divorce I think about the society and get scared. He came to India on December 2011 with intention to file divorce. When I told my parents about his past marital status. My parents decided to start legal proceedings against him. All of a sudden he changed his mind and started calling me n times and promised me that he want to continue with me. At that time I asked how are we going to continue this life when he is there and have no intention to take me with him. At this he told me that he will come back to India and for this he need some time. He requested me to go back to his parents house. I agreed and told him to search job within a year. I'll wait for him. My parents warned me that this guy was telling lie. I simply ignored their words becoz I trusted him blindly. After reaching his parent's home I always ask him about his job search status and on hearing this he became furious and tells me that he was not getting the kind of job or salary that he is looking for. Now I've came back to my parents house. I asked my husband what actually he wants and when will he come back to India. Now he revealed to me that he has converted his religion from Hindu to christianity. He promised to come in the month of April 2014 to discuss our future with my family. He did not come and now don't call me. He sends email just to know whether my parents are taking any legal action. Now I don't know what to do? Whether our marriage has become annulled. Looking forward for a qualified lawyer who will help me in filing case against my husband and seek justice from law. Awaiting for response at the earliest. Thanks,