F.i.r information

Hi, I am a tenant in Mumbai and I have a termite infested tree near my house,which could collapse on my house. I had filed an application and got the tree inspected by tree authority.Then then gave permission to trim the branches which was carried out by the bmc, I also asked police protection for when the work was being carried out, The landlords relative then filed a petition under the tree act 1975 and an F.I.R was registered on unknown people..This happened 9 years ago..in 2010 the relative passed away..In 2014 the landlord caught two people and made them witnesses of the act by making them his workers and gave false statements that me and my son and three other people were present and me and my son had choppers and threatened to cut the necks of his witnesses which the bmc was trimming the branches...The main reason this is being done is to harass and to use this as evidence in evicting me...everytime i go to the police they say its under investigation but no charge sheet is made..please help.