Minimum litigation fees for a labour case in HIgh Court

Dear Lawyers My case of illegal termination wherein I was awarded compensation in lieu of reinstatement by Labour Court of Delhi is challenged in Delhi High Court. Although I was dissatisfied also with this award of compensation and want to file my writ petition first but on account of my poor financil position due to continuous emplopyment failed to arrange a lawyer and even approached DHCLSC who was only interested to provide me their lawyer only to defend the compensation amount to which I declined their this conditional offer and requested to fight my case for reinstatement with full backwages. I represented by case personally and filed an application of interim relief u/s 17B although it was not a case of reinstatement by reminding court of its inherent power under article 226 and court have given me the date of 25/08/2014 where it will take writ petition as well my application of 17B and have not given any stay also. The Court have allowed me a litigation expense of Rs. 15000/- and recorded in their last order that since I am not interested in taking help from DHLSC I can pursue my case individually. My question is whether there are any charitable labour lawyers who in this amount of Rs. 15000/- can help me in taking care of filing various applications/petitions since I am unfamiliar with legal rules and technicalities under which High Court working take place. Although I have already prepared my writ petition but confused whether 1) it should be filed as petition or application to counter reply their writ petition 2) whether I should wait for the result of my application of 17B before filing my writ since 17B applications are disposed before writs as said by Supreme Court and merits of writ petition are ignored in hearing of 17B applications Please guide asker_skg