My property had been re-registered by an SC candidate

Two persons in 2003 were combined owners of a land of 53 Guntas extending in two survey numbers 186 (11 Guntas) and 197/B (42 Guntas) in the Village Chinthakunta and Mandal and District Karimnagar of Telangana. A Real person made a venture out of it with total of 24 plots. The Real guy sold the plots by letting the original owners to sign the sale deeds. He did not do any GPA. We bought the plot no 22 in 2012 through a sale deed after two links one sale deed in 2003 and a GPA in 2012. The GPA lived for only one day so no issue there. The GPA was not cancelled. Our mistake was, we did not do any mutation of our plot or did not built any compound wall. But to our surprise when we recently visited our plot somebody (Kabzadar) had build a compound wall (extending to 12 Guntas) keeping our plot (2 Guntas) ,and other two persons plots (3 guntas and 3 guntas from each) and also including some roads in our layout. After contacting so many persons like Government Land Surveyors, Lawyers, Panchayat Secretery, Sarpanch and Local Real Brokers. I also took help of the government website After researching and analyzing extensively, I found Kabzadar had made a registration of 10 Guntas in two parts. One part in 2013 (4.5 Guntas) from one of the owner and from another owner's two sons after their father's death. Second part in 2014 from the widow of one of the original owner and her two sons (these two sons are the same as the above). Both the parts in Survey 186 as no body had made any mutations and the Pahani shows the original owner names from 2003. And to our bad luck our physical plot falls under survey no 186 but 197/B is mentioned in our document and all the link documents. For another guy who owns plot 23 and plot 24 (through a sale deed in 2004)(3 Guntas) from our venture the survey no's are mentioned correctly as 186/A and 186/B. Now We both are fighting together. And now both the original owners of the 53 Guntas venture are dead. Their sons are alive. The Kabzaadar is a person bolonging to Scheduled Caste, and it seems he want to utilize his caste as a powerful weapon towards us. Both of us fighting for our justice belong to OBC. Please let me know how we should proceed further?