Ancestral Property

Hi All, We have a ancestral land which has held by my grandmother and his elder brother. My grand mother has 3 daughters and his elder brother has 5 children. In 1982 my grandmother and his brother decided to sell the property to clear the debt that they have and made an document for mutual understanding(document is not registered in any office). All this has be done without consent of my grand mother's three daughters My grandmothers brother fooled her and registered the land in his name(not sure waiting for EC) After Few years My grand mother's brother made a document partitioning all the ancestral land to his 5 children's. Now only i came to know about all this following are the questions i have My grand mother died in 1998 Q1. Whether my mother and her 2 sisters eligible for applying a case against them (asking for partition) Q2: Is any time frame there within which we need to apply Q3: Can my grand mother sell ancestral property without signature of her daughters (who were majors) Q4: I have read about 2005 cutoff act on womens ancestral property claim. as my grand mother died in 1998 can my mother file a case is this valid?