Original Sale Deed lost by Bank

Hi Nitin, Thanks for this post. Its quite informative. Actually I am myself going through the hassle of lost property papers and need a suggestion from you. I took a home loan from LICHFL in 2012 for a property in Indirapuram. After two years of regularly paying the EMIs and some repayment, I discovered in August 2014 that the bank has lost all my original property papers. After pursuing them for 4-5 months, they arranged to take out certified true copy of the papers from the registrar office, two newspaper ads and a police complaint for the lost originals. But I decided to consult a lawyer and have filed a case in the State Consumer Forum in Lucknow. The court admitted the case and sent notices to LICHFL but they are not replying. There have been six hearing dates till now and more that 1 year has lapsed, but LICHFL has surprisingly not replied at all. The seventh hearing date is due in March 2016. My lawyer says that we need to give LICHFL some more time before sending summon to them. I am a non-legal person and quite perplexed, what will happen next? Why LICHFL is not replying and how many hearing dates will be there before the judge finally decides to pass the judgement. I have been paying EMIs honestly all through this period. Please suggest. Thanks.