Father's Property Share for my mother

Dear Sir/Madam, There are 2 properties under my father's name which we , my mother, brother are worrying that he unconsciously (being drunk) not write off to some one else. He consumes alcohol excessively and becomes violent towards my mother in absence of my brother or me. We, brothers are not interested in his properties nor care about what he does to his wealth and reasonably able to look after us and my parents, but same time I,we, do not want to injustice being done towards my mother mainly because of my father's naivety and also because of his addiction. Saying that we believe that he would regret his decision once he gains his consciousness back from alcohol and do not want him to do anything stupid. Therefore would like to ask a question that could my father write both of properties to someone else ? What rights my mother or we, brothers,have over my father's wealth? My father borrowed money from my mother's close friends when he purchased or refurbished both of them properties and he hasn't paid them back, however, saying that they (my mother's friends) lent him informally as a courtesy towards my mother. Any help, or guidance or even suggestions towards where do we stand?