consideration for divorce

I married last year in may.(love marriage). Just after my marriage, i saw too much of closeness between my husband and his brother's wife. I saw to the extent of her exposing to great extent infont of my husband. She always demanded time from my husband and wanted to do all work of wife. In this my mother-in-law supported her. She forces my husband to be clise to her. My mother-in-law also taunts me for dowry and shenis unhappy to get less dowry. When i told my husband my insecurity and to be away fron his bhabi, he said he can leave me but not her. He even raised hands on me for her many times. My father-in-law on other hand embraced me and kissed me many ti es. I told my husband from very first day he dud, but my husband told me to keep quiet as his mother will not like it without caring for my respect. He was not even surprised or angry when i used to tell him and always asked me to be quiet. And now when matter became worse after he told me he can leave for his bhabhi,then he is supporting his father and tells i am lying. Since oct m living seprately, then when i went in dec, his mother forced me to leave the house w ithin 6 days. Then my husband made false promises to support me and i went back in march end. His mother didnot like it, she abused me and asked why i always come back. When i told my husband, she denied and supports her. My husband also always abuses me and my family. His bro supports his wife and they both want to separate us as his bro is dependent on my husband's money. My husband also talks of dowry and doesnot want to leave his bhabhi. I am again living separately since may. He has also joined his family in proving me wrong. He wants divorce but as his mother says tbat if they will file, they will have to give maintance, so they dont file first. His family is forcing him to separate. I dont know what to do and how to live in such situation. Please help