WIfe Left on her own accord in April 14 & files DV In Sept 14

Hi, My wife left me in April 2014. I have 2 kids. On elder 7 yr old daughter & other 3.9 months son. She took them along with her without my consent & is staying in my in laws place without any reasons. I, my family & friends made her understand but she is not understanding. She then agreed to stay with me on a separate rented place. But since i was unemployed i could not find a budgeted flat.Then too told her to give some time to buy a rented place.My kids used to come to my place after she left her matrimonial house. To my surprise she then files a DV in Sept 14 without any Protection Officer report.Also no proof attached to it whether any domestic violence happened. But in her statement she claims for maintenance, which i used to give in cash and cheque but does not describe any Domestic Violence. I do not want to give her any maintenance and want to drop this Case as i can prove that she left on her own accord without any justified reasons. I have to prepare a Written Statement in my 2nd hearing. Kindly advise what would be might the starategy