Transfer of flat between co-owners having equal share

I have a builder flat at Sahibabd, Ghaziabad, UP registered on the names of my wife & my elder brother's wife. I had taken a home loan on it by PNBHFL, I was the borrower my wife, my brother & his wife were co-borrowers. Than I transferred the loan to DCB & now I am the borrower & my wife is co-borrower. I am the only person paying the EMIs. Meanwhile we managed to purchase another new flat at Sahibabd registered on the name of my brother & his wife. We mutually agreed upon that they will shift to the new flat & will not have any interest in our old flat. Now please guide me what I need to do to withdraw name of my brother's wife from our old flat? I mean I want to transfer my brother's wife's rights in out old flat on my name in such a way that in future she wont have any rights or any way to create a dispute/interfere in my residence (flat). Please held me what needs to be done in this regards & what is going to be role of my financier? Thanks , Ashish Nath Gupta [deleted] [deleted]