How does the process work?

We have a property in Kerala but we don't reside there. Taking advantage of our absence, our neighboring property owner (very influential) illegally tried to make a way from his property to our onto a small untarred passage where a car can barely go through. There is a small stream that divides his and our property.. Both property are supposed to be wet land but he illegally covered it up with soil. His property has 3 or 4 entrances from the main road ( on the opposite end) but still wants to grab our land to get an entrance into that passage. In short we filed for an injunction, to which his lawyer also appealed to be heard. Court commissioners were designated for both parties and the area was surveyed and a decision on request to injunction was to be made. After a couple of days, an interim decision was passed by the court that both parties should let the properties be "As Is" and was told that a final decision would be made later.. But no dates specified. I am confused as to when this will take place and what would be the next step taken by the court. Please let me know what would be next step taken by court. P.S. Both properties were brought by the us and the neighbor at least 15 years apart from different owners then. The other owners claims to have right of way in his sale of deed through our property. Please let me know if additional details required to obtain clarification. Not using names and location for privacy issues. Thank you.