cheque bounce case

Sir, I am guru murthy, My mother Smt.K. Jaya Lakshmi aged 64 years who is participated in various chits with Adi Laxmi and the matured chit amounts has been give as a hand loan to G. Adi laxmi which accumulated an amount of Rs.2531600/-. For which we have taken promissory note for Rs.2531600/- and cheque for an amount of Rs.25 lakhs. so later she refused to return back the amount. Accordingly the cheque has been deposited in the bank and the cheque has been returned with Account closed. So we have gone to the 1st advocate and issued notice that my client has issued an amount of Rs.2531600/- to your client has a hand loan from time to time. G. Adi laxmi (Accused) has replied to the notice that she lost her signed promissory note and cheque and it was unbelievable to take such a huge amount as a hand loan. Then we have changed the advocate and issued rejoinder notice stating that your client used to run chits accordingly my client participated in various chits keeping in past accquitance my client handed over the amount as a hand loan from time to time. We have produced sufficient income proof and unsigned chit books which were written by accused own writting. My mother, I and my brother stood as Pw1, 2 & 3. She even didnt came to witness box. In 313 she stated that she lost promissory note and cheque, she even didnt given police complaint when the cheque and promissory note are stolen.The district court judge dismissed the case as there is difference in the plea in complainent . The promissory note comes under legal liability or not. Please kindly guide me. Can I win the case If i go to highcourt. murthy