Curative petiton

Sir, My uncle was the tenant in the year 1940 and all brothers were staying together. Everyone left after their marriages and my father continue to stay in the said room. Landlord filed cases against my uncle saying that since he has left the premises and therefore my father is not entitled to stay in that room which was given on rent to my uncle. We lost in small causes court. We filed a separate case in Small causes in the year 1974 and we won the same, but lost in appeal, hight count and also in supreme court. Originally we had following doucments in our support 1) LIC policy of my father of year 1950 having same address 2) Electoral roll 3) Affidavit filed by our neighbour with regard to occupation of the same room since 1950. Now I have found following two documents 1) List of Mhada wherin my uncle is the tenant and shown our name as Occupant 2) NOC by lanodrd for water connection when we have applied alongiwth other tenant Will these two documents are of any use for filing curative petition in Suprme Count