Tortured and harassed by my wife

Hi. I am from Rourkela, Orissa. Me and my parents have been totally harassed by my wife. She has been torturing us, blaming us from last 4 years, since I git married. I have a son also. 6 months back, she told me she wants to move to a bigger city and forced me to quit my job in my home town and move to Bhubaneswar. As I didn't have a job, I was busy looking for one, she left me in March and came back to her parents house and refused to come back to me citing various reason. Post that, one day in june, she went to my fathers house, while father was out of town. He broke the lock, went in and called me to say she will stay there alone, irrespective of whatever happens. She threatened us saying if we say anything she will file 498A. My parents went to police to seek help but police refuse to even file FIR. Now I have been asking her to stop harassing my parents and come back to me. She refuses to come to me as I don't have a job. She has been mentally harassing me since the day 1. I want a divorce. What can I do or what should I do?