Property 115 s background since 1954 1954-62 in the name srinivas 21.2 hissadar 63-65 in the name srinivas21.2 65-73 divided among 2 S & R 10.21 each during 73 a mutation is done stating that S has got other two proprties wit 133 & 136 with 11 & 1 acres seperately 73 - 2004 115 is the name of R R has one son and one daughter both died at early age son was unmarried and daughter was married and had two sons R and his wife has no succesors they adopted me A in the 1993 when i was 16 yrs old by performing dattaka homa and regd deed. 2003 R‘s wife expires she was with me both of them were staying apart. 2003 R file a case for perpetual injunction against me A I couldnt attend the case seriously as i was young and waz recently joined a job 2005 dec case was decreed stating A is restrained from plantiffs possesion over the suit land during 2004 the suit land was partioned to Rs brother S son vide regiater deed stating that 115 was joint proprty of family and was not divided till date.among 21.2 , 16.2 was partioned to S son and remaining 5 is in the name R till now. R died recently on 22 jan 2016. It is said that the rem prprty is willed by R nothing of these transactions had my consent i came to know all these after his death can i claim this whole or remaining prpety now.