LOC, Passport Ceased, Counter Cases for 498-A

Case has been lodged in Hyderabad in last week of December, 2015. Directly FIR has been lodged without any counselling on the same day when they filed the case at women police station. After 2 days police has lodged an LOC on my name and considered me as absconded with out any investigation and they called us after a week and told us that case has been lodged and asked us attend counselling. We attended police station as per I/O orders and that's when we been told that there is an FIR registered and we were shocked how can they lodge FIR directly without any counselling as per guidelines given by SC. They called 3 times on the name of investigation and we totally cooperated with them and attended the investigation. I/O has given us an personal bond/bail and took all our personal documents copies. I/O and Inspector told us that they are not going to disturb us until charge sheet will be filed and summons will be sent to your house from court. Me and my family were relaxed and in process of lodging divorce and then I have to travel overseas to settle few financial matters for a week or so. I booked my flight from HYD via DELHI to Destination, Immigration officer at Delhi airport stopped me saying that an LOC has been issued and they took my passport and reported to local police station in HYD. I was shocked and conveyed same thing to immigration officer that i have no idea and my I/O never gave me any clue about LOC has been lodged on my name, but they handed over me to local Delhi Police station. Even immigration officer has told the same thing your local I/O should have educated that an LOC has been issued on your name. My father and Constable came to Delhi on our own expenses and took me back to HYD to present me in local court and arrest warrant has been issued on me. We yelled at I/O about LOC but he bluntly lied saying that he already told us about LOC (which is totally false). We asked us about the acknowledgement but he just escaped and pressurized the situation to submit before the magistrate. It was Saturday and they took me night court to present before magistrate, magistrate gave a decision of 13 days remind. I fell down and got attacked by scissors(Fits) first time in my life and in coma for 36 hours that's when Inspector and I/O responded saying that we never thought this would happen and started convincing me that they will settle this matter ASAP. I got discharged from hospital and they took to jail for whole day because that's when i am applicable for bail as per magistrate. I got my bail on condition to appear at police station to sign every week. Questions: How can police consider me as absconded, way before they started investigation about the case? Do police has to give an acknowledgement after they file LOC when we attended investigation? How can they consider me as absconded when i attended all the investigations? What cases can we lodge on police officers because they cheated or misguided us with incorrect information? Because LOC has been lodged on incorrect grounds, can we taken off LOC on my name? How can I get my passport back because all this happened because of incorrect information from police? Because of this misleading information, I was humiliated at Delhi airport, medically I am disturbed, I have been hospitalized for 3 days, I have been jailed for 1 day. This whole situation gave me discomfort, humiliation, defamation, embarrassing from health perspective, financially and personally. Please help me. Thank You.