1. Can we have Registered will WITHOUT ANY DETAILS for example : I have fully decided that after my life time, I do hearby devise and bequeath UNTO TO in favour of my wife only Smt._____________________ W/o._________________ residing at _______________________________ aged about ________ years _________ by religion hindu, occupation _______________ shall be the absolute owner also as single sole beneficiary for all my sole or joint owner/holding/share in any type of properties whether movable or immovable, any banks accounts, deposits, share-holdings, incomes, rights, titles, interests, agreements, jewels, vehicles, full interest in my business concern and all my belongings in whatever form existing at the time of my death. All the above said are my sole, self acquired and I am the absolute owner and should devolve smoothly according to my desires set out in this Will, so that there may not be any complications and my wife will have unfettered discretion to do whatever she likes as absolute owner and when they devolve on her after my death. ****** THIS TYPE IS USED BECAUSE THE TESTATOR ALL TYPES PROPERTY AND BELONGINGS OR NOT FIXED, THE TESTATOR KEEP BUYING AND SELLING ALL THIS ***********