Central Government Claim on Pension

Sir, I took Voluntary Retirement from Public Sector Bank and I was appointed in Autonomous Institution working under department of central government. At the time of joining it was said that mine is new appointment and I was put on New Pension Scheme. The organization has not given any benefit of my previous service in Bank ie. Counting of my service, Complete protection of last drawn salary, Service leaves, etc. My pension from Bank is from the trust which is completely funded by Bank as fixed percentage of salary of employee and no contribution is made by the Union Government. The pension fund is administered by the nominated officials of the Bank. My first month salary was not released and I understand(oral communication) it was held because there was no clarity on my pension. However, they released my entire salary with clarification that my pension is not governed by Central Civil Service(CCS) pension. After 10 months of receiving salary again I am getting call from Head Office that my pay fixation is pending and they have to adjust my pension under Govt. of India, DOPT order dated 31.07.1986 under fixation of pay of re-employment pensioners . I would like to have clarification: 1. Can central government have claim on the pension which they have not contributed? 2. Will it be applicable to autonomous institution and are they eligible to recover my pension? 2. What should be my course of action if they adjust? Regards, RMR Shekar