change of caste name by news paper in it's news report.

Sir, Thiyya is a prominent caste of Malabar Region of Kerala. They have their own culture and place of worship (temple usually called as Kavu) which is entirely distinct from other castes of southern kerala. Recently we noticed that a particular Malayalam News paper of Kerala, while reporting various rituals performed by Thiyya in different temples, call them as Ezhava. Thiyya is a separate caste listed in Central OBC list where Ezhava is also listed separately. In kerala, just for the convenience of distribution of quota of vacancies Kerala Govt grouped Ezhava, Thiyya and Billava as one group which is called as ETB. Taking advantage of this grouping this pro Ezhazva news paper completely blackout the name Thiyya and call us as Ezhava in their news items. We sent a legal notice to the News paper but replied with false statement that Thiyya is not static community but it undergoes change constantly, which is a statement insulting Thiyya community. Before independence and before formation of Kerala State, Thiyya of Malabar was a forward caste without any reservations or fee concession but at that time Ezhava was a backward class in Travancore state. Can we file suit against the news paper against their evil designs and actions against Thiyya caste? Some occupying high positions in that news paper have relationship with some prominent Ezhavas due to inter-caste marriage in their families. So, they are adamant to report Thiyya as Ezhava. If court case can be filed what nature of suit/Op to be filed and at which level it has jurisdiction (i.e. Munsiff court, District court or High Court etc)? I request you to kindly advice us. Yours faithfully, KP Kumaran General Secretary Malabar Thiyya Mahasabha Kannur, Kerala.