Grand Father Property

Hello SIr, We have a property of my Grand father(This property came from my great grand father) not purchased by my grand father. My Grand father has died in 1978, and the property has been transferred to my grand mother. Now in 2012, my grand mother also died, and there was no "WILL" of my grand mother, that she has transfred the property to her son(3 SON'S). My Father, who died in 2008, before my grand mothers death, till death there was no WILL has been made from my GRAND MOTHER. Now in 2014, one of my uncle has build a house, without getting permission from our family and also from my another uncle. There is no NOC in that build property. Now my QUERY is. 1) As i am grand son, (And my father died before my grand mother) till date there was no WILL from my Grand mother in this case - WHAT IS MY LEGAL PART IN THAT PROPERTY, As my grand mother has 3 SON & 2 daughter(Out of that 1 son died who was my father). 2) As one of my uncle has build a house in that property with out getting NOC from any of the legal heirs - WHAT KIND OF LEGAL ACTION CAN I TAKE IN THIS PROPERTY. 3) When there was no WILL in this propety, and my father is also died. My grand mother has total 4 grand son including me, (Please note - here i am not adding my Grand mother's daughter and there family, as well as i am not adding my sisters or my uncle daughters). As a grand son, does the property will be equally shared with the 4 grand son of my grand mothers property (AS "WILL" WAS NOT MADE TILL DEATH) or it will be equally shared with the 3SONS of my grand mother.