My Grand Father's property

Dear Sir, We have our room in B.D.D chowl, Dadar, my Grand mother had two sons and one daughter and daughter was married 40 years back and not interested in the property rest two sons are one is my father and second is my uncle and I have only one child to my father and my father is also died when I was 6 years old and after my fathers death my mother was also left and remarried to another person then my grand mother taken care for me and I am born and brought up in the same room until 25 years. But after some family crises with my uncle forced me out from the room and also forcefully do some paper work from my grand mother saying that "due to illness my grand mother is not able to attend any legal matters of the said premises and nominating my uncle to take care legal matters" the said document is not legal and I am having copy of the same. My uncle also removed my name from ration card without informing me which is also illegal and now almost 10 years passed and I am staying at the rented house and continuously changing address. I have all the documents like copy of old ration card, old telephone bills on my name, call from employment exchange for police force etc. etc.. I don't have such kind of money to spend as still I am not stable financially and need one gene on person who give me justice. kindly advice the chances for my rights.