Marriage based on dowry

I was not clear about the law category under which a question regarding marriage sgoild be posed so I here I am. My marriage has been fixed, from the part of the community that I come from dowry give and take is very common and normal and a matter of pride for people. Families want to maintain a status in the society so they conduct over the top marriages. A lavish venue, decorations, food and the usual give and take of gifts is understandable and accepted as well. In our community the boys family openly ask for money and they project agreeing to get married to the girl like a favour upon her. Beyond all this usual show off things like a flat being bought, a luxury car, cash and jewellery beyond the other household items like tv ac sofa etc. Etc does this not constitute dowry? Even if the girls family itself agrees to give it because they say we are doing it for our daughter, they want her to get married and present a certain image. Isn't this still dowry? If the girl herself does not agree with all this and does not want the basis of her marriage be dowry even then it doesn't matter because girls are not supposed to say anything on such matters. I need advice, i wait for your reply..