Gift Deed Cancellation

Hi Sir/Madam, I am vijay kumar. How to cancel gift deed. my grandfather(father side) gifted to my mother through partition. she gifted her share to my father in may 2007. But my father sold to someone as sale deed (as my father thinks it is GP) in December 2007, within a month my father filed case against him as he submitted false document to register office as sale deed . In this circumstances we lost case in 2013 and he took the property with another survey no of my relatives as he don't know the property where it has. And now in January 2016 he approached taluk office to survey his correct survey no and til now he dont have any passbooks of my land only register document. Is there any right my mother has to cancel my fathers gift deed? my mother took education loan in 2004 in favour of my brother on same land, the bank filed case against my mother,brother in 2011 and bank has my mother's passbooks, with empty registered stamp . if bank auction my land what will happened? who has exact rights on land bank(in 2004), my father(in 2007), or the one who brought my land(in 2007)? the someone's document valid or not if my mother cancel gift deed or the bank auction ? how we take my rights back on my property?