Regarding noc

hello sir, i am working as a engineer in govt. of India undertaking PSU and i am an IEs aspirant too. So, in this context, i just intimated my company before applying the above said exams.( As per the UPSC guidelines person should intimate the dept. while applying.), in intimation letter i juust intimate about the exam that i am appling for the above requist exam and not ask them any NOC as upsc dont want any Noc for interview and all things. same thing i did in preveios year i.e 2013.but this time only my intimation letter is returned and HR official write on it that i did a misconduct according to CDA rules i have to take NOC or preior approval from officials.they returned my intimation letter after date of form subbmission so i subbmitted the form( i was un aware of that they returned my letter). now when i meet HR OFFICIAL they told me that i write a new application for approval and attach the submitted form. sir how can i do it after submiited the form . as i have bond with company i want to go through proper channel. so please suggest me whaT I DO that i will not face any problem in future. thank you with regards