Fraud by car dealor

Sir, a car dealor has cheated us and has done fraud every time they are misguided us giving false promises. I had not taken a delivery of car as they were providing me the other model not the one which I have booked and they are forcing us to make payments and buy the same one which they wants to sell us. I had also complained in the company but it's more than 25 days we haven't got any solution but the dealorship is calling again n again n giving false promises mentally harrasing us and not providing us anything in writing against my complain. My father is a cardiac patient and since more than 45 days we are facing lots of tensions due to these. I want to complain in consumer court for the same for fraud n mental harrasment Please guide me what can be done and what solution I will get for the same. I had asked for the same car which I had booked. Will I get the car by doing a complain? Can I claim an amount for mental harrasment by dealor? Upto what amount I will get? Please guide us what n how we do . Thanks