Consultations for electricity connection.

Sir/Madam, We have purchased a shop on ownership basis in the year 2009. At the time of purchasing electricity connections was there, as we didn't open the shop till now the previous owner took out the electricity connection while changing the entire connections of the building. Now when we are planning to use our property the electricity department of assam is asking for an NOC from the previous owner but the owner refuses to provide it as he wants us to enter into a legal contract with him for maintenance charges and we don't want that, as no one in the entire building is paying the amount he is asking us to pay. But as per the terms and conditions of the Sale Deed vide clause no. 4 of Deed No. - 6548/2009 it is specifically mentioned in the deed that the previous owner of the said property has given his consent for obtaining electricity connection in the above mentioned premises. Sale Deed vide clause no. 4 states that : "That the purchasers will be entitled to get their name mutated in the records of Guwahati Municipal Corporation and also may obtain electric connection in their name from Assam State Electricity Board relating to the said shop premises and till the purchasers get the municipal holding and electricity connection in their name, the Purchasers shall continue to pay Municipal and electricity consumption charges and other statutory charges to the vendor without committing any default". I need your advice whether i can take the connections in our name directly from the electricity board or not and if not what are the other legal actions that i can take against him?