triple talaq valid legally and if she rejects by post watcan i do

Iam mohammed ameer by born muslim. My both parents died in 2008.iam and my sister were only 2009 i done my sister marriage. And coming to my self ..In 2011 i married a Christian girl who reverted to ours is not arranged marriage its love marriage.and the marriage is nikha. After marriage i came to know that she accepted Islam for the sake of marriage only she used to blame me and religion, and she used to harass me and cheat me in every aspect including in her education and other things too. i have seen hell in my marital life with her as she tortured me like any thing, for example she used to lie even for all things and if i start writing about her here it will not be enough this space, We had lot of quraells after marriage.she is very arrogant and lazy and very harsh. We had lot of counsellings around 8-10 and one in police station also,and other at local lawyer too, But she didnt change.she got a govt contract job and by that she used to tell me that she can lead her life independently with out my support.we had a child of one year.she used to threaten me that she will leave house.for 3times she packed all her luggage and all her belongings but every time i used to console her and also neighbours also used to counsel her not to leave the marital house.and some times she used to black mail me by suicidal attempts. Finally in april 2014 she left my house and went to her parents house .she sent me messages like me that she will leave dubaiand one day she messaged that she took seperate house and living seperately from her parents,but these r all lies i came to know..I am not responding to her messages and phones and now its 3months she left house and she is in her mothers house. And her patents also didnt call my elders for settlement.they remained day she came to my house and took all her belongings and child belongings to her house so now nothing remained in my house her things except kitchen items. its very tough to lead life with her .. its very tough to lead life with her .. I approached local lawyer.we are planning to give triple talaq after ramjan. now the question is can I send triple talaq by post? And now in my case triple talaq is valid and will it dissolve the marriage in my case??. She belongs to sc community but she accepted Islam prior to marriage ; so now can she file any cases like atrocity &498, She is telling to one of my relative that she will not accept divorce and she is threatening us that she will show her power by cases.she is also telling that she will book case on my sister even, who is residing in chennai. there are no chances of reconcillation.i tried to solve the issue amicably but her parents are very arrogant and threatening me that they will kill me and harm me. so please advice me what step can I take in my life;waiting or sending talaq. in muslim is there any act for giving maintainence for wife other than child ? in iddath period how much we have to pay fr her..?? please give your valuable suggestions dear experts as iam dead need of your help please... Regards Dr.ameer