False Written Complaint with Police.

I own and stay on Second Floor flat in South Delhi and Ground floor (owns first floor as well) owner is a crazy lady stays with her husband (he has another wife as well per old neighbors’), her son left her more that 5 years back after fight got Second Floor sold took money and went away. Her husband as per old neighbors even tried to kill her is past because of her quarrels by setting her on flames and often use to beat lady on road because of her mental tortures. Her daughter stayed in first floor in 2011 this lady daily fought with her as well and when daughter left lady told us that her daughter also steal and took away bed sheets jewellery etc. We ignored things earlier being old lady and sometime so we use to have short chats with this lady while leaving or coming to home Hi Hello kind of. But her nature always was suspicious, cooks Fake stories while sitting alone whole day and since last many year seen that she just has one gown to wear. We shifted to this house in 2010 and since then she was blaming one another neighbor but decent lady/husband who stays next to our house for stealing clothes, suitcase, red colored Mixer, bags cylinder, jewellery etc and was telling us all these stories to gain sympathy as no one in neighborhood talked to her and me and my wife kept telling her we don’t have time for all this and she should go to police if she thinks so. She started fighting with us since last 2+ years due to parking of bike on road in front of house as she thinks she owns the Road and keeps her unusable car, scooter parked there. Police was called up 2 years back via 100 number but they told both of us to co-operate is the only solution. Entrance is common; she wants the main door to remain locked for whole day which is not possible as per my office timings. I advised to install Iron Rod doors if she wants safety which she always refuses and even not willing for separate entries. She is continuously threatening me my wife and kids of dire consequences and that she will make our life hell with help of her contacts with illicit people and also that she did not let previous owners to stay in the floor (I am owing now) for more than a year or two .Everyone ran away because of her quarrels and false allegations and I was not aware of all this else would not have bought this flat. However, here is the drama as lady did not succeed in her effort to make us stand against our common neighbor she now started to blames us - me (IT Engineer who pays more than 20-30 thousand as income taxes in government kitty) and my wife (Research scholar deem to be scientist working with AIIMS) for stealing her dirty clothes now and to my surprise she gave a complaint against me in police station. I went to police and police says they are Senior Citizen and per discussion I heard some PA from police headquarter is putting pressure to take action against us on this. Though local police understand all this but we are been called up at police station number of times and agony is going on god knows what next. Due to all these continuous threats from so called Senior Citizen lady I and my wife even have to shift my 2 year old son to her Nani's house and Dadi’s house, No one can understand the pain specially my younger son just 2 years old must be going through as he has to stay away from his parents for his safety against our wish. Is it not child abuse??? I and my wife are going though tremendous mental harassment, deep main, felling that a law abiding tax payer has no right to live with peace. Life is a learning experience such difficult situations which make you strong and but don’t understand how does all this comes under senior citizen laws? Police came today asking to shift bike to somewhere else?? Now if complaint is about theft why police keep threatening of lodging FIR, asking for shifting bike when lady’s car, scooter etc parked there?