My father's property

I'm the only daughter of my parents.. my dad use to stay in murud janjira and I use to stay with my mother in mumbai for my studies. . My father's family tried their best to separate my parents but they were not successful. They tried all possible options for this. They even tried separating me from my parents. My father passed away in 2013 but my family members didn't even inform us about this. .. my father was not ill but we doubt it was not a natural death. When inquired with the neighbours they said he was all fine.. After this when I went to meet my family they didn't treat me well saying I've jst came for the property. I tried to be in contact with them but recently they've stopped attending my calls. My mother tried to speak to one of my uncle saying that we are having financial issues so if you could give us our share or even if you just give some money and a flat to my daughter that'll do... but they ignored her.. We tried sending them notice from ladies police helper but they didn't accept it.. my dad has a farm of coconut a house in murud. Recently my father's mother also passed away and her will was read without me and my mother being present there.. I don't know what to do... also when my father passed away they did the rituals as quickly as they can.. They were not ready to keep the body for more then 3 4 hours. All the family members gave different answer of the death time. My bhabi said she took tea for him at 7 that time she saw him dead. One of my uncle said he died at 5 in the morning and other uncle said someone came to meet him in the morning he met the guy and after that he passed away... If someone could guide me what to do. That'll be great.. We also tried hiring lawyers but most of them said you people have to hire a lawyer from alibagh and being from a reputed family no one wants to take the case in alibagh. Please help