Agriculture law

HI My name is Tejdeep .We have one Agricultural Land of 4 acres .One of our know members kept it as a case in court as it belongs to them .After all discussions in court for four years (out of three members court was decided to give land half to us and other half to one members and third one court said he is not eligible for for the property).Court gave this judgment at Aug 2013.At that my grandfather had heart pain.he did two major heart operations. It passed around six months .April we went to vro for passbook as our financial situation was too bad .He said he got one letter from lawyer for not to issue passbook.we asked many times he is saying like that .final we have kept notice .MRO also said he also got notice .3 months went from this incident till now our lawyer and for us we didnt got any notice.We dont know what is happening .I have my sister marriage i need to sale that land for marriage .But i am not having passbook.Please help me what we can do in this situation.For my grandfather surgery i took lot of money from outside.they are asking very rudely. Please help with your suggestions so that i can get passbook and settle every thing . That guy is very rude .he had kept every thing in cases .we are having many problems .three cases are running currently including my house is in case.. Hope you understand Tejdeep.D