Transfer of flat after father death in PanNavi mumbai maharashtra

My father has expired 3Yrs ago and left will in four equal part in one flat my mother, my 2 sister and me.His house in Panvel (NAvi Mumbai)need to be transferred to legal heirs.i gone to cidco office he told to propate the will and do it from your society than i gone to society they told me to bring succession certificate and do it from cidco than we wil change the share What is the procedure for transferring property on my name.pls help? society had send 2 legal notice that our building is going to be reconstruct and your flat is not in your name so any problem is to be belong to you ther any charges to pay to society for changing share 2.In case registry fees are applicable, then if the legal heirs chooses to transfer the house directly to the children of the legal heirs, will it save the registration fees for their children. 3.Minister of Revenue Eknath Khadse announcement of flat transfer is this help full to me announced that the five per cent stamp duty will be waived for such transfer from a person to their heirs or relatives when they are alive. Khadse said an affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs 500 will be sufficient. Already such exemption is applicable to property transferred as gift to heirs or relatives after the death of property holder concerned.