Regarding the passport of the minor daughter

Sir, I walked out of my in-laws place almost 4 years back with my daughter as a result of domestic violence and after coming to my parent's place filed a case against my husband and family for the maintenance and against the domestic violence. The case is in the sessions court and in the cold bag as my husband never received the summons and never appeared in the court let alone the maintenance given. Nothing happened all these years. I also chose mental piece over fighting the case in the court as the justice is delayed in India and it is very expensive in terms of emotional and financial investment. Anyways, now the current issue is that I want to apply for my daughter's passport who is 15+ at the moment. I am thinking to give her an opportunity to go abroad for studying in the summer school. The trip would be taken care of by my brother. Please tell me if the father's consent is required in getting the passport and also in the visa formalities. Please Note that we are not in touch with her father for the past 3 1/2 years. We are not legally separated and I have not filed papers for divorce. He has not tried to contact us either and has never given us even a single penny as maintenance. Kindly give me advice as to what steps to be taken in the above regard. Also let me know if my daughter has any legal rights towards the property purchased by my deceased father-in-law in which my husband is staying (may be). Thanks & Regards,