My uncle was tent a rented room now after his demised Landload

Sub:my uncle was tent of a rented room now after his demised landload brother demaining the keys after 40 days dear sir, my uncle was a tenant of a room since 1972 but after his death on 15th jan 2016 the land load brother asking the keys of the said room after 40 days completion in our muslim retual.the actual land of the property is mr. x was demised in the year 2015, mr x was unmarried even my uncle was also unmarried. mr x brother y said us your uncle lent some money from mr x instead we have written an agreement that after his demised we can capture the room now mr. y disturb several time to my elder brother regarding key of the said room. now the room is under our custody.we have also given an offer a lump sum amount to mr y for change of bill name but he denying and demanding the key of room. mr x have 7 brothers and his property is undivided officially we have that information but why mr y only insist us to reture back the room even he said us after death of my uncle very soon do not give the key to my any brothers and sisters. yesterday we got seven bills in the name of my demised uncle the years 1975 and 1977, please advice what should we do now to regain the room. thanks & regards ziaul haque