Can I sue my company because they fired me without revealing the

Can I sue my company because they fired me without revealing the details? I worked there for 8 months. The only thing the company said to me was that I have received negative feedback regarding my communication skills. They have not given me any details about the feedback. They just said in short that I was rude and not up to the mark in my communication skills. I am very sure that I was never rude to anyone in the company! I never said anything illegal or bad to anyone in the company. Neither was I ever rude to anyone. I asked them for the contents of the feedback but they refused to share it with me saying that it was so that I do not fight with any one. But, in the Employee Orientation program, they had said that we can ask for a detailed feedback if we require it. I had worked really hard during the bad times of the company, but now in my bad time, they just dumped me like a used tissue! I feel so used and annoyed! And according to the company policies, I was supposed to be given a verbal warning, a written warning, as well as a final warning if I showed no improvement, before being thrown out. The company is a leading IT publishing firm, headquarter in UK, but all the work is done in the India office. I was working in the India office.