divorce or legal seperation

I am a married person having two child and my marriage is 8 yrs old.Problem with me is my relation with my wife is on extreme low end because what i feel that she has no fear and value of love and relation with any one except herself.i observed that she talk with herself alone and sometime sleep so deeply that nobody can gave wake up to her.She never forgive anyone irrespective of age and relation.She never spoke out her feelings just torture others by her behavior that other take decision according to her.She makes me also depressed.My mind always think about her behavior and try to find a way to escape from her.I don't know whether a counceller or psychiatrist can help me out.I am in whole dark.She prevent me to take care of my parents and often reach to the police station and make obligation toward me and my family.recently for only giving lift to my sister-in-law she went to mahila thana and lodge a complain that i have relation with my sister-in-law.Here i would like to mention that i am an Ex-servicmen retired only in this year and come back to home after putting 15 yrs of nation servive.She just spoil my life and not even want to go to her parents home and said that she will go any where.Please guide me how we can separate with each other. Just because of my kids i continue my relation with her but now i am tired. Please help otherwise either i will run away with my kids and all or have to suffer with my own life.