Fraud Case

Dear Sir, This is Mohan Goenka from Kolkata, I was working in a corporate industry (Engaged in the manufacture & import of Online UPS & Ups Batteries) as an Business Development Manager, Currently I have opened my new Firm in a partnership (Engaged in the same as above), I left with my job on November 2015 and asked for a salary & clearance of my A/C but didn't get any response & even they use to deduct Provident Fund from my salary but never have got any deduction slip, As am not in the firm right now i have demanded for the same but still they are not providing me with same infact they started ignoring my calls. So i took a action I have taken a buyback batteries from their clients place without informing them with a duplicate authorization letter just to make them aware if they will not clear my A/C, I can do something like this too. But now scenario get changed as they are planning to file a fraud case against me regarding the same or they are asking me to not stay in the same field (UPS Battery field) then only they will not going to take any legal action as I have created a great impact of my new firm in a very short period of time (i.e. 3 months) in the market which make them scare if i will be in the field i can convert their orders to mine. Now please suggest me what step should i take further regarding the same. Most importantly they have made several transaction in my salary A/C (Approx 25 Lacks), As am i need the clearance of the same from company but they are not taking a pain to get me with the same. Regards, Mohan Goenka