Interpol/bonce cheques

Dear Sirs, While working in UAE on request from my friend I had given huge amount to my friend by taking loan from Indian and Overseas banks for his business in UAE. As security he had given a Security Cheques from UAE Bank and made sort of Agreement. On return he offered me attractive profit. He promised to pay my bank loan EMI on due dates. When he stoped to pay my bank EMI and profit, I submitted his cheques to Bank which bounced due to insufficient fund. Lately I came to know that along with me he had taken money from other people as well which equivalent to around 25 Crores Indian rupees. When we approached him for our money he run away from UAE to Indian without our knowledge. Now he is in India. I saw in news paper his name is appeared in Interpol list but he his in free walk like nothing happened. I contacted him about my money he refused to return it and threatening me telling that I have people in Crime Branch and CBI I don't care. I will frame you in cases you may not imagine like. On many request he had given me 25 Lakh Indian rupees cheques that also bounced and two cheques I did submit to bank due to his threatening. Please advice how to recover my hard money and loan from banks it is equivalent to more than two Crores IRS. I am in very bad condition now. I have no money to pay my EMI which loan taken for him. I need your kind advice and help in this regard. Note: Now I retired from UAE job and without income. Kindly help me please.