University sent wrong academic detail to my employer

I worked for a government organization, after i got job, my employer organization sent all my academic degrees to verification to university. But Did not receive any thing after that my employer organization sent 2 reminders to university. After few month University Send Academic Verification denoting all academic certificates are true.. after few days university sends another academic verification against reminder and this time they stated that there are no student of this name studied in university. after receiving two different statement from university over educational qualifications. my employer again send the later of "genuineness of Verification", then the university send the final verification that the academic qualification are true and genuine. now everything is solved but the incidence defamed my reputation in organization and i have suffered from lot of mental trauma . i want advise from you all, should i send legal notice to university because i want them teach a lesson so that they will never repeat this mistake that can affect lot of ex. students. how can i send legal notice for publicly apology