Inherited property

Sir, we have some ancestral agricultural land property from our forefathers. we are two brothers. My father did not purchase any of it. in 1998 my brother transferred more than half of it on his name through illegal means. as I am in govt. service and always lived in far away place, never knew about it. My parents stayed with him till their end. i always paid all their expenses from my salary. He was looking after the fields and I never asked him for any agricultural income till date. Now both are no more. Now I am retired from service and when I asked my brother to divide the property, on some silly pretext he has been postponing it for last two years and two months ago he said that he wont divide the property unless he would be given 2/3rd of the property . Then, I checked official records and realized what ever property he is asking for is on his name already. I requested the RDO office to revert all the property on my late father's name. Now my question is what is the best course of action 1. reverting the property on my father's name and wait for few more years to let the matters settle down in its own way so that we get equal portion or 2. once it is reverted, shall I file a partition suit in the court?