Wife need divorce

Dear Sir, This is for my friend who is married seven years before (love marriage) and have no children. Both of them have good job in abroad, wife a have around 1.5 L IRS salary and husband around 1.L. They living together last seven years. Last six months her wife started live separate. They quarreled for a simple matter. One day she is chatting with somebody and stopped chatting suddenly while he enter the room. They started to quarrel regarding this and this lead her to live separate. At last she agreed that she chat with somebody. She told him I want Divorce don't want to stay with you. In front of father mother and every one she told, I cant bear this man I am suffered too much, he don't have child I need divorce. My friend is ready to accept her if she say sorry to him, that she will not do such things anymore. He told me that this type of chatting is going before also and he warned her. That time she told okay now I will not do. But now she is staying in hostel. My friend is now mentally depressed and not going duty also. Some of her friends saying that she is planned to give case against you for divorce and around 1 Crore compensation. He told me that we are living in high status and I sent money for her parents and his brother studying. He is confused and still waiting that she will come back, but she is saying its only dream. Sir, what can I do, can I file a case or wait for her procedures. I am ready for a mutual agreements, because still I love her. Please give a valuable reply.