Parrents mentally harassing their Son and Daughter-in-law

I am 26 yrs old and only son of my parents. My father is 55 and mother is 48. I am the only source of income in my family. I have been earning since I was 21 year old. I got married at the age of 25 yrs to the girl which my parents chose for me. Since childhood I have been very respectful and obedient to my parents and today my this behavior is now taking toll on me. After my marriage they are quite reluctant to let me lead my life in my way. They would object in every single decision that me and my wife together in our life. My father has house in my native which is a town and equipped with all above par amenities. Before my marriage I used transfer 90% of my salary to my father's account and from that they have saved sufficient corpus (Fixed deposit and monthly interest from that) to lead their life without earning even a penny. My parents started staying with me from my age of 24 at my company provided housing. At 25 I got married and I stopped sending my salary to my father. However, I made them in-charge of our family activity and would pay them 40% of my salary (even though 30% was more than sufficient) in cash to take care of the fooding expenses of our family which consists of 4 members. Apart from that they holds my 4 yrs hard earned money, I never asked that from them. But to this decision they started feeling very much insulted and started creating nuisances. Abusing me and my wife, insulting me and my wife in front of neighbors relatives everywhere and causing mental trauma every day. 10 months back they left my company home and went to my native. So I started paying them 20% of my salary on monthly basis and this along with the interest from fixed deposit double than that of the money they require for their sustenance and triple than that of the money they together used to earn before I got my job. But they now demand 50% of my salary. I straight way declined that. So they are now torturing me, my wife and my in-laws verbally mentally etc. This is in brief what I can say as of now but there are a lot more inhumanity in this. Please advise how can I get relief from their mental torture.