quashing an fir.can I go to press if they quash it

My aunt and her son along with their people have created a forged unregistered will of my grandma after her death.on basis of 156 from court(cjm) an fir was filed on them.the police asked them to produce the will either to them or in the court for forensic verification but they didn't oblige. In the meantime i sent the Xerox of the will which their Lawer had sent to my lawer to the Truth Labs and got it verified. The results has expected did not match my grandma's signature.i took the results of report to SP.knowing that they went to high court (chennai) for AB and they got it.later in the vacation time they filed a stay, quash petition and got a temporary stay with mediation. The mediation failed because they were not ready to give my share.now the vacate stay petition is coming in 482 court. I am putting a civil suite asking for partition in the next 10 days.NOw my query is will the fir be quashed even though I have a prima facie case (TRUTH LAB REPOT) .If quashed can I approach the press because as we all know that civil court will take time and main thing is that tomorrow anyone can create a forged unregistered will and enjoy the benifits of the property till it gets proved in civil court.please do clarify me. With truth Prabhu