Request for legal advice on mental harassment at my work

Hi, I’m going through mental harassment at my work. My lead is ruining my career and destroying my mental health. He gave my role to one of my colleague without informing me. He blocked my onsite job opportunity and gave it to my other colleague and now he moved me out of the project stating that I’m not good. But still I’m helping my colleague who went on site to do his daily task. If I was not good than the person who went onsite why that person is still asking help to complete the daily task. I joined this company 8 months back. While hiring job description was give and also promised for onsite job. I was working with a big branded company and since the job description given to my was excellent I took up the new offer. Within the 1st 2 weeks I figured out the JB which was given and my current job role is not matching. All the key role which was listed over the JB was out sourced. I just coordinating the job which was be done by a 1st level junior person. Also I didn't had a proper training. I had struggled a lot for the last 7 months to learn as much I could. When I was on leave my lead brought intern for my back. I was promised that he will not replace me and asked me to start the knowledge transfer. I did the same. My lead started sharing work to him not to me ( i have email proof) and I use to help him to complete that. He started working but he needed me to provide details very now n then to complete the task. Later he was provided with onsite job and he went to Germany and I been asked to move out from the project. But till now he email me the queries he has to do the job and I keep on supporting him from India. But now I released why I need to help me where in they say I'm not good and gave my role n onsite opportunity by saying he is better than me. I have all the email proof stating that he still don't know anything and he ask help from me to finish the task. I feel so humiliated, discouraged and demotivated. He had ruined my career out of personal grudge on me. I need legal help. Thanks, Soumya