How to get the final Divorce document?

Hi, I am an NRI and was born and raised in the UAE. However, unfortunately got married to the wrong person in India and it was a case of domestic violence. However, my family and friends advised to finish the matter of mutually else the case will go on for ages knowing our system unfortunately. Hence, decided to get a divorce on mutual consent. Now everything got done. Court's last hearing date was 19th December 2015. This was done and over. However, my lawyer was not cooperative from the beginning but we went via him cause of a relative and since my parents also did not know very many lawyers or anyone in India. He said that it will take 3 to 4 months for me to receive the Decree / final divorce document. Now I am back in Dubai and working. And he is saying he will not do the needed for the final documents and asking for more money. Not even replying to my messages. I would really appreciate if someone can help me and guide me to know how to get this document and will I have to travel to Mumbai for the same or can someone get it done on my behalf? Really looking forward to a reply soon. Thanks & Regards, Bhavini A Shah