What would be the duration of trial

Hello i was charged of assault under those act where we hit someone going in their house. since it was just a fighting case but the opposition try to charge me under that act. but in investigation that has been proved that fight took place on road not in the house. the scene is my sister was divorced few months back. the opposition are bullying us and threatening us by making taunts and abuses whenever they saw us and also their relatives are becoming a part of it. so few days back my sister was going for her classes and one of her in laws taunted and abused her. so she replied back and the fight was started. i was on computer that time i heard the noise and went outside and saw that her in laws women was abusing her badly. i asked her to go home. but it didnt stop and suddenly one of their man came and hit me with a wooden stick on my head. i pushed him back and he fall on the ground. and got a scratch on his head. and then they went to near by police station and lodge an fir we did the same. now after 3 months approx. the police is going to transfer the case to court. that chalaan thing is going to be held. the thing i am afraid is i am planning to go abroad for higher studies this year. and today my father told me that the trial is going to be started and it will take a long time to finish the case. what should be our next step to get out of it. so i can go abroad. i have my passport already. please any help will be appriciated