Salary, PF, Reimbursement and FnF Issue

Hello Team, I joined a technology company in August 2015 into Sales and Marketing and the role involved lot of travelling across India. Everything went well till I asked for reimbursement. There is no defined budget for the travel and we went for meetings as told to us by the company. The company never objected when we went on our own expenses and the accounts team always said that they will reimburse upon showing the bills. Now when I claimed for reimbursement I was told that my bills are very high and they will not reimburse. I received an email on 21st January 2016 morning stating that my last day with the company will be 31st of January and I am surprised to receive it. There was no communication with regards to my performance anytime before this. No sales guy have achieved their target at all. They haven't given me reimbursement since October 2015 and the amount is close to 80,000 which I have paid from my pocket. I sent them emails after emails and the only response from the accounts team was they will reimburse soon. On 31st (Sunday) I received a call from from the COO of the company stating that he needs the company's laptop as it was with me and he wants me to come and handover at the airport. I told him that I will courier the laptop but he forced me to handover the same day. I submitted the laptop and he told that the salary for the month of January will be late for everyone in the office and it should be credited by Feb 1st weekend but it wasn't credited. I spoke to couple of my colleagues and all have received the salary apart from me. I sent a message to the COO and he said that he will credit by mid-Feb and I have a proof of everything. I am really worried as the company is playing with my emotions and not taking me seriously. They have to give my Jan salary, salary slip from Aug 2015, reimbursement and FnF. Please help me with regards to the above question. Thanks very much. Regards, Aarib Abraham