Dispute with neighbour related to closed gali issue

Sir, Actually from approx 15 years we live in a closed gali our house is at the end of the gali my parallel house is of our cousin beacuse of closed gali we make a small kitchen and room in the end of gali and cover the area no one have objection in the gali after 12 years some people who purchase plot opposite side of the closed gali they request us to break the room for only the entry in the gali either they have a another exit from other side so we break our room on the condition that we didn't break the kitchen area at this time they will satisfy but after open the gate they will make dispute all the time with us and they also break our kicthen suddenly that is happened suddendly family will didn't understand. my family don't involve police and does not done anything after this they will always making trouble with us also all the time also gave threat to break our washroom that was made under our our roof their is any way we can again close the gali close that door that we allow to open please reply.... if it case related to this category otherwise tell me who will sort the issue. These neighbour husband work in delhi police as driver post that why our family didn't do any thing